Storing Coins

Proper storage of coins is necessary in order to maintain the integrity of your collection. The information below will help educate you on proper storage techniques and provide you with a variety of options for storing your collection.

Why is Proper Storage Important?
Prolonged exposure to moisture, chemicals or other elements, such as PVC, can permanently damage your coins. In addition, condition is one of the greatest factors in determining the value of your collection. Protecting your investment is of the utmost importance. Unfortunately, deciding how to protect your collection can be be tricky and confusing. We have provided you with some of the storage options available and listed the pros and cons of each in the next section. To review our selection of coin storage supplies, please click here.

Storage Options
One of the most inexpensive and efficient method of storage is 2"x2" cardboard mylar holders. These holders are PVC-free and will easily fit into appropriately-sized boxes or specially-designed pages. While these holders are not air tight, they do offer ample protection. If stored in a humid environment for a long period of time, the cardboard can become discolored and will need to be replaced. We recommend replacement every three to five years. In Short: Use these holders when storing large quantities of coins in a low-humidity environment.

Another storage option for large quantities of coins is tubes. Usually made of hard, non-corrosive plastic, tubes are very durable and allow you store a large amount of coins in a confined space. Tubes will not protect coins from coming in contact with each other and are not air tight. Like the 2"x2" cardboard mylar holders, tubes should be stored in a cool, dry place. In Short: Use tubes when storing large quantities of coins in a confined space without a need for frequent access or display.

Collectors seeking portability, organization and display should consider coin folders and albums. Some inexpensive versions will not protect coins against air and moisture and are best suited for circulated coins or long-term storage. We recommend using these folders with new or young collectors. For more complete protection with a nicer presentation, consider Dansco® albums. Although more expensive, these albums are approved for long-term storage. In Short: Use coin folders for young collectors and use coin albums for long-term storage to help organize and display a collection (i.e. Lincoln Cents).

For individual coins that need to be displayed or that may be of value, consider Airtite® or Direct Fit® holders. These holders are air tight, durable and safe for long-term storage. Their small size allows for easy storage or display. In Short: Use these holders for individual coins that need extra protection or a simple, yet attractive display.

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