Dansco® Coin Album #7001 - Modern Currency Stock Book

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This album contains 9 blank vinyl pages (8 three-pocket pages that will hold up to 24 modern-size currency notes and 1 page for larger notes). Use in conjunction with a 1-1/8" Dansco® Slipcover, if desired.

Dansco® Coin Albums are made from some of the finest archival materials and provide excellent protection, without having to sacrifice appearance. Each album features a simulated-leather binder with gold-colored lettering and loose-leaf hinged archival pages. Coin ports are sized to a exact specifications in order to hold coins securely and are imprinted to properly identify coins. In addition, protective acetate slides cover both sides of the coin. Dansco® Album Slipcovers are also available for added protection. Most binders can accommodate 1-2 additional update pages, as needed.

Manufacturer: Dansco®

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